I think I am at least a little bit grateful to the Touch Bar for this.

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So… now I just don't agree with the world about the placement of Caps Lock. I really thought that I might be able to go back but Caps Lock as Escape leads to so much more use of escape than the default.

Caps Lock == Escape
Escape equals… Caps Lock or a hyper key? who knows?

Now I hate the word “intuitive”. Thanks.

I *must* be hungry because these pretzels are *delicious*

Yeah. My motivation is going to have to be 'exit'.

Going to have to make some changes soon. Very few things are really *great* or even good. Funny how a legacy is built with or without focused intent. There is still time. There is always time until there isn't.

Things are bad and it would be great if they were not bad. It would also be great if we could agree on a definition of "bad" that was good. This is not a Run DMC situation, though it might--at first--seem like it. I'm tired.

Watching the SOTU and immediately thought of @mcc when Unity logo popped up.

Ok we need a scheme to make Bloomberg spend like all of his money and lose because that would really be a great gift to New Yorkers

Tfw you have a long-standing pet peeve about the software you maintain that has been standing for so long, in fact, that you fixed it a couple weeks ago and forgot

Manifold garden is on Apple Arcade? Well damn.

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Today I am excited about:

LÖVR is a open source, VR game engine made by Bjorn Swenson. As of today version 0.13 is released:


And, of specific interest to me, this is the first version to officially support Oculus Quest!


LÖVR is the basis for the commercial game I've been making for the last year and a half. I maintain LÖVR's Oculus Mobile port, plus this repo (forked from my game) of helper classes and tools:


Joker was pretty amazing in that so much greatness happened around a terrible script.

Oh. Forest fires could explain the persistent headache. Of course. Why didn’t I consider the new state of the world?

Yes, bitcoin is out of control but also how much energy is spent building compilers?

15% off all analog downloads for a limited time only.

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