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15% off all analog downloads for a limited time only.

The sadness is mostly about the waveform collapsing. He always had bad moments and themes but there was, it seemed, some effort being put into grappling them. no more, it seems.

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aww. Dave Chapelle is a bad person. I'm sad.

Are lifetimes a practical use of phantom types?

How has it taken me this long to realize that NSFileWrapper abbreviates NSFW?

I might have lied about preambles because that last post was just me building up the courage to get rid of this because WHAT IF I WANT IT LATER?

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pitch: Knick-knackery

It's a museum / goodwill. One in every city, per 'topic'. People donate items like old Apple gear. the knick-knackery tells each donor that the thing that they donated will be on display but only keeps 1. Many houses are decluttered because people can visit 'their' stuff. The end.

I realize that it is hard to read my posts because they aren't each a manifesto complete with preamble but please do show some effort.

All functions return something even if it's nothing.

I have a long-forming hypothesis that being visibly black in certain online spaces leads to being ignored.

After much consideration, I've realized and accepted that my gender and sexual orientation are best represented by Prince's rendition of "If I Was Your Girlfriend"

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“It turns out making your own Zachtronics game is the most interesting Zachtronics game you can imagine” - @mcc,


maybe I have an old OS?

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I've leveled up my Elektron understanding enough that I think in conditional triggers from the RYTM


So much so that I now understand what it means that I don't have them on the Octotrack.

Oh no.

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